Welcome to Lepatara Films!

Lepatara Films produce low and middle budget movies on digital, 16mm and 35mm. We support independent movies on dozens of international film festivals since 2000.

We are open for international cooperation in short and full length feature movies, documentary. Also we invest in classic clay, paper, doll animation.

We always very glad to see a new actors, young directors, music composers and writers.

We will be very pleased to be your partner in EU (rental, location management), Ukraine (rental, location management) and USA (rental).

In past 5 years we have found more than 100 locations in EU (Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, north part of Italy, Serbia and Hungary) and Ukraine.
We can easily get all necessary permissions in local governments and municipalities. Also we have wide range of services in these countries.

In 2020 we have started to provide our own integrated services of robotic movie shutting, based in Slovenia.
We used high-speed and acccurate industrial KUKA robots and up to 100 m of rail constructions to make the most most recurring shots.

We are open for co-operation according to Council of Europe Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production (revised).

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Serbian : English : Russian

Belgrade : Amsterdam : Kyiv : Moscow : Los Angeles

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